Pro-Coat is the leader in electronic rustproofing technology. We have established relationships with registered dealers and distributors all over the world and we are here to provide support to our customers.

Pro-Coat helps protect your vehicle by a patented process called Capacitive Coupling. Rust forms when oxygen molecules bond with steel in a process called oxidation. This process accelerates when the vehicle is subjected to humid climates, rain, coastal air and other harsh environmental conditions.

A Pro-Coat module charges the coupler pad, creative a capacitive charge of electrons. the electrons form a protective shield to reduce oxidation and corrosion. The Pro-Coat coupler pad acts as a positive charge, the vehicle's paint acts as a neutral charge (dialectric) and the body of the vehicle acts as the negative charge.

▪Environmentally safe

▪Protects vehicles against rust and corrosion by slowing the process

▪Virtually no maintenance

▪Profit center for Sales and Service

▪Unique protection for your customers

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